The Famous Grouse
Smoky Black

Whiskey, Wilderness and Werewolves: Our three favourite things for The Famous Grouse and The Leith Agency 

Direction - Stephen Dalton
Animation Company - Axis Animation
Executive Producer - Andrew Pearce
Producer  - Sergio Jimenez | Calum Hart

Agency - The Leith Agency

CG | Character | Creature | Performance

The Boy Who Lost His Name

Releasing our inner Heath Robinson for this In-Camera Extravaganza for the lovely folk at Wonderbly.  

Design and Direction - Ubik
Production Company - 1st Ave Machine
Executive Producer - Isabella Parish
Producer - Kerry Smart
Director of Photography - Darran Bragg

Client - Wonderbly

Live Action | Model Build

Faster Fibre

A dash round the house at break-net speed with Talktalk

Design and Direction - Ubik
Animation - Red Knuckles
Executive Producer - Isabella Parish
Producer - Kerry Smart

Agency - The & Partnership

CG | Live Action


Our latest upside-down furry fiasco.
We revisited our old friend Aart and directed the lovable rogue extolling the virtues of the dutch insurance comparison website

Design and Direction - Ubik
CG Creative Direction - Red Knuckles
Production Company - Fieldtrip
Executive Producer - Michael Adamo
Producer - Duncan Buxton

Agency - DDB Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director - Joris Kuijpers
RTV Director - Yuka Kambayashi

CG | Character | Creature | Performance

Tesco Mobile
Moto E3

Paper craft films made for Tesco Mobile.
All made with paper...Except for the hands... And the phones.

Director - Ubik
Art Director / Paper Engineer - Helen Friel
Animator - Andy Biddle
DP - Toby Howell
Compositor / Colourist - James Littlemore
Producer - Mike Capon
Production Manager - Lew Lewington-Pearce
Production Company - 1stAveMachine London

Shot at Clapham Road Studios

Stop Motion | Paper Craft | Pixelation | Table-Top Animation