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Maniac (Netflix) - VR Nymph animated sequence - (NSFW)

Working with Axis Studios, Gizmo animation and VFX supervisor Ilia Mokhtareizadeh, the challenge was to realise the low poly, 8-bit, retro-game, VR, sexy, hot-tub, acid trip world that was in Director Cary Fukunaga‘s head. Simple.

Director - Cary Fukanaga
VFX Supervisor - Ilia Mokhtareizadeh

Animated Nymph Sequence credits:

Axis Studios
Art Direction - Ubik
Producers - Dan Dixon, Dominique Noujeim
Concept Artists - Damian Bajowski, Jake Gumbleton
Storyboard Artist - Joe Burns
Supervising Producer - Laura Yeo
Executive Producer - Paul Schleicher

Gizmo Animation
Creative Director - Ema
Producer - Carolina Montaño