FAB Egypt - Filmmakers (Directors Cut

A celebration of Egyptian filmmaking through the ages using Iconic film posters.

FAB Egypt - Sportswomen (Directors Cut)

The story of the struggle for Egyptian women in sport set to the rhythm of Hana Goda, Egyptian table tennis star.

FAB Egypt - Composers (Directors Cut)

A timeline of the great Egyptian composers culminating in Hesham Nazih, composer of Marvel’s hit series Moon Knight

‘Success breeds success’: and by working with the amazing team at Kairo we were proud to be part of this celebration of Egyptian cultural and sporting successes for FAB Misr Bank.
3 distinct creatives needed 3 distinct technical solutions. Multiple Projector mapping, intricate Art Department constructions, and complex particle animation - all choreographed, timed to perfection and captured in-camera - Success! Thanks to our amazing team.

Director: Ubik
Director of Photography: Dan Bronks
Production Co: 1st Avenue Machine
Producer: Mike Capon
Production Design: Ben Austin
VFX Supervisor: James Littlemore, Grant Hewlett
Animation: Ubik, James Littlemore, Matt Westrupp, Holly Murtha

Post: We Are Frogs
Edit: James Littlemore

Comp: James Littlemore, Tom Tatchell
Online & Grade:James Littlemore

Agency: Kairo
Agency Creative Director: Hesham Ellabban

Client: FAB Misr