The Famous Grouse - Smoky Black

Whiskey, Wilderness and Werewolves: Our three favourite things. Working with our friends at Axis Studios for The Famous Grouse and The Leith Agency 

Director - Ste Dalton
Art Director - Mike Harris
Animation Production - Axis Studios
CG Supervisor - Imran Sajid
Animation - Krissy Josephides
3D Artists - Hudson Martins, Philipp Buschauer, Emmy Ivanova, Will Pryor
Executive Producer - Andrew Pearce
Producers  - Sergio Jimenez | Calum Hart

Agency - The Leith Agency

Wonderbly - The boy that forgot his name

Releasing our inner Heath Robinson for this In-Camera Extravaganza for the lovely folk at Wonderbly.  

Design and Direction - Ubik
Production Company - 1st Ave Machine
Executive Producer - Isabella Parish
Producer - Kerry Smart
Director of Photography - Darran Bragg
Client - Wonderbly

A self initiated exploration of the wonderful world of AR

Design, Modelling,  AR - Ubik
Animation - Jess Kersey-Preston

A Super-short made for the Sundance Film Festival

Playing on our love of all things aeronautic and miniature

With thanks to Simon Paul at Cross Street Studios

Director - Ubik
DOP - James Littlemore
Compositor - Marko Perendija
Sound Design - Tom White
Production Company - 1st Avenue Machine

F5 - Voxel

We were asked by the F5 Festival to create a short film on the theme of ‘Refresh’. Shot on 35mm film in an empty swimming pool on the snowiest day for a decade - we’re never shy of a challenge

Director - Ubik
DOP - Simon Paul and the Camera Club
CG Lead - John-Paul Harney
Executive Producer - Daniel O’Rourke
Production Company - Not To Scale
Producer - Jo Ford
Music - Jon Hopkins